Donald Trump’s Border Wall: What Supporters and Opposition Think

You’d be hard-pressed to turn on the news since President Trump’s January inauguration and hear nothing about the proposed border wall. One campaign promise that President Trump and his supporters have rallied behind is a plan to secure the United States borders by building a wall around the nation’s southern border. There is a current divide in the country between those who support the wall and those who oppose it and even divided opinions within the democratic and republican parties themselves.

When Trump first proposed the border wall, it was implied that Mexico would pay for the 12-15 billion dollar project, the amount, however, the Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has publically stated since Trump’s election that he and his country will do no such thing.

Recent stats from CBS News report the following-

As of January, 65% of Republicans favor building the wall as opposed to 79% of Democrats who are against it. Additionally, 79% of Americans believe that if the wall is built, the United States will be solely responsible for it. There are still reportedly 14% who believe that Mexico will still pay for the wall, as President Trump has proposed, regardless of the Mexican president’s comments.

This heated domestic issue continues to rage among politicians and citizens alike.

Here are the most common arguing points from both sides of the debate.

Supporter Points:

· A wall would reduce the amount of illegal drugs that are smuggled in through our southern border.

· National security relies on the ability to control our borders. A wall will help us reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering our country through Mexican number of.

· Reducing illegal workers coming from outside of the U.S. would help stimulate the economy and create jobs for U.S. citizens.

· The wall would keep us from spending funds on education, healthcare and law enforcement for those who aren’t citizens.

· The wall would keep more immigrants out, freeing up time for border agents to more accurately monitor who is coming in and out of the country.

Opposition Points:

· The wall is too expensive and our efforts and finances could be better spent elsewhere.

· The wall is a symbol that shows the rest of the world that the U.S. is unwelcoming and unfriendly to other citizens outside our borders.

· No wall will stop the influx of illegal immigrants that enter from our Southern border.

· Border towns and cities will experience an economic downfall as a result of the wall.

· Wildlife and landowners alike would be disturbed during the physical construction of the wall.