Bill Richardson

bill-richardsonBill Richardson was born November 15, 1947 in California. He grew up in Mexico City till age 13, and then he attended a Boston-area prep college. In his senior of high school, he signed up with the baseball group and had the position of pitcher. Embracing the desire to become a baseball player, he went to play baseball at Tufts College. Nevertheless, his arm developed difficulty, finishing his baseball profession. In college, he majored in French and government, and also worked towards getting a master’s degree from Tufts University.

He went into politics instantly after university. Starting out as an assistant to congressman Morse, he moved on to the team of the Senate Foreign Relations Board. During his early political career, he helped Henry Kissinger in the state department. Moving to Santa Fe, NM, he was chosen to the House of Representatives as New Mexico’s 3rd district Representative in 1982.

Bill Richardson then worked a collection of positions in the economic sector, amongst them as a professor at Harvard College’s Kennedy Institution of Government and a lecturer at the World College of the American West. He was on the board of directors for firms in the energy area, like Valero Power Company and Diamond Offshore Drilling. He was additionally granted an US Institute of Peace Senior Fellowship.

After being in politics for a moment, he was elected governor of New Mexico in November 2002, remarkably becoming that state’s 1st Hispanic governor. In this office, he made sweeping improvements to the fiscal body. He likewise began the plan to grant $400,000 in life insurance policy coverage for New Mexico National Guardsmen who serve on active service, a policy which was to be later taken up by over 34 other US states. He likewise worked in developing the state’s facilities, in methods such as placing in a new rail line.